The Signal Corps and its Weather Service,


p. 73, Hawes notes that when Hazen became Chief of the Signal Office in 1880 one of his projects was the “study room” which signaled an effort of the Office to do its own scientific research, independent of outside physicists. Apparently, this study room played a role in the bibliography of meteorology. See also Cleveland Abbe, “Meteorology and Allied Subjects” in Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution…for 1881 (Washington: GPO, 1883) p. 231-331, which cites Hazen’s hopes that the Signal Corps would “take its stand among the foremost in the scientific study and investigation of…theoretical meteorology” (p. 239). Also notes (p. 234) the intention of the International Polar Commission to publish summaries of the data collected by all the IPY stations. Says nothing of the “study room.”