The Ice-Bound Whalers: The Story of the Dee and the Grenville Bay, 1836-37


Diaries of crew members from the Dee and the Grenville Bay, two British whalers locked in the Arctic ice, Baffin Bay-Davis Strait region, during the winter of 1936-1937. Also provides a history of the Museum in Stromness, founded by the Orkney Natural History Society, which has built up collections on the natural and maritime history of Orkney, including the whaling industry. Orkney was both a supply base and recruitment source for boatment; in 1813 the Orkney Whale Fishing Company was established.

p. 91: 6th [Nov. 1836]. Clear weather. At 8 a.m. retired to Divine service in our cabin. Our ship remains in the same position with the ice fast all around her. We do not expect that there is any water down to her keel. Our Captain visited our half deck this evening and read several chapters in the Bible.