A Narrative of the Life, Travels and Sufferings of Thomas W. Smith: Comprising an Account of His Early Life, Adoption by the Gipsys; His Travels during Eighteen Voyages to Various Parts of the World… near the South Pole

Some of the text in the Hathi Trust version of this early whaleman’s memoir is illegible from over-inking in the original, but there is this account of a typical promise of conversion:

p. 226: While thus afflicted my mind was called to reflect on my past life, and the prospect of the future. It had been previously impressed with this subject, while lingering ever on the wreck. I then promised God that if he would spare me, I would serve him the remainder of my days. I now renewed my promise, and since that time I frequently read my bible, and tried to pray, but notwithstanding my sincerity I was deficient of that spirit which characterizes the followers of the meek

and lowly Son of God.