Greenland, the Adjacent Seas, and the North-West Passage to the Pacific Ocean. Illustrated in a Voyage to Davis’s Strait during the Summer of 1817.

O’Reilly served as surgeon aboard the whale-ship Thomas, in order to gather scientific information on the northern regions. He gives much information concerning Arctic zoology, whale fishery, natural atmospheric phenomena, observations of magnetic variation, the history and habitation of Greenland, and observations concerning the possibility of a Northwest Passage." Field – "The observations of the author on the natives of Greenland, are recorded on pp. 52 and 85, of which the last two are occupied with a vocabulary of their language. Five of the plates are illustrative of the features, or habits of life of the Exquimaux." According to Abbey an article in the ‘Quarterly Review’ called the book ‘a bare faced imposition.’ Stanton & Tremaine mentions the book is said to have been plagiarized from material prepared by Sir Charles L. M. von Giescke. See Kenneth Hill: The Hill Collection of Pacific Voyages. Three Volumes (San Diego: 1974-83). p. 219, and Thomas W Field: An Essay towards an Indian Bibliography. (Detroit: Gale, 1967). p. 297.