The Charles W. Morgan.

The Morgan, fully restored in 2016, is now the flagship of Mystic Seaport. It is thought to be the last surviving whaler.

p. 6: The Morgan sailed on her first voyage September 6, 1841, under command of Captain Norton, with twenty-six-year-old James C. Osborn, also of Edgartown, as second mate and keeper of a journal of the voyage. Osborn must have been literarily inclined for he took a library of over seventy volumes with him, including books on history, travel and memoirs as well as twenty-two volumes of Marryatt’s works.

Log 143 of the Morgan, 1841-1845, p. 184-85 (misbound in logbook), contains Osborn’s list laid out in double columns over two pages, with probable editions added:

1, vol. Goods’ Book of Nature The American Longer. 1 vol

1,=vol. Self Knowledg. Benjm Heen —- 1-vol

1.=vol. Morrels Voyage. Pelham Bulwer 2-vol

2 =vol. Madm De Lacy. Rolans History —- 3-vol

2 =vol. Quadroon. Napolians Anecdotes 1-vol

2 =vol. Pathfinder Bulwers Novels —- 12 vols

1 =vol Pilot. The Prince & Pedler —- 2 vols

1 =vol Reunza or the Last of the Trybunes.

1 =Vol Numid of Pompei Jack Adams —- 1 vol

1 =vol Book of Beauty. May you like it —- 1 vol

1 =vol Tracks on Disapation. Kings High way —- 2 vols

1 =vol Gray Ham’s Lectures The Young mans Guide 1 vol

1 =vol Husbands Duty to Wife.

1 =vol Ladyes Medical Guide.

1 =. Mad’m Tusades History of the French Revolution.

James C Osborn at Sea Jan 6th 1841


Edgartown is my native, 1843

1 =vol. Pamelia

2 –vol Meriam Coffin

1 =vol Ten Thousands a Year.

1 =vol Humphrey Clinker.

Journal of a Voyage to the Pacifick Ocean in the Good Ship Chas. W. Morgan:Thomas A. Norton Master 1841

2 =vol Bracebridge Hall. 1842

1 =vol Travels in Egypt and Arabia Felix Arrived Jan 5th 1843

2 =vol Elizabeth de Bruce 1844

2 vol Bravo.

2 =vol Repealers

2 vol Steam Voyage Down the Danube.

1 =vol Memoirs of Dr. Edward Young.

1 =vol Health Adviser.

1 –vol Female Wanderer

1 –vol Female Horse Thief

1 –vol—Holdens Narritive

1 –vol—Rosamonds Narrative of the Roman Catholic Priests &c

2 –vol. Mercedes of Castile

22=vol=of Marryatts Works.