Icebound in the Siberian Arctic: The Story of the Last Cruise of the Fur Schooner Nanuk and the International Search for Famous Arctic Pilot Carl Ben Eielson.

A fur trader who wintered over at North Cape when his ship was iced in near the Bering Straits tried to rescue Eielson who died in a Siberian air crash while delivering furs to Chukchi Eskimos in 1929.

p. 84: The Seamen’s Library had provided a chest of old books and magazines, most of which were to be read and reread during the winter. Among the books were Stefansson’s The Friendly Arctic and Amundsen’s two volumes on The South Pole. Marion [Swenson] had a small portable phonograph and 40 records. [Those titles do not seem typical of the usual Seamen’s Friend library—perhaps they belonged to Nanuk officers or seamen.]