Ross Gilmore Marvin: Scientist Teacher Explorer; A “Tragedy in the Arctic”.

A memorial pamphlet for Ross Marvin by an admirer who believes firmly that Marvin drowned accidentally and was not murdered by the Inuit.

p. 1, Tuesday December 8, 1908: I am reading up on the story of General Greely and his party at Fort Conger, in case I have to go that way. Conger is where the ill-fated U.S. Army Expedition of 1881 met with catastrophe. Only Greely and six others, out of twenty-five men, survived to be rescued in the Spring of 1884. It is the knowedge, and records, of such disasters as this that make me think of what is, or might be, in store for all of us. However, we are better prepared in every way than they were. And the Commander has exercised great vision and care in preparing for such emergency…. I have but little time these days to devote to my writing.