A Tenderfoot with Peary.

p. 6: …as we were leaving Hawkes’ Harbor, the Commander put the Doctor and us [Borup and Macmillan], the tenderfeet of the expedition, to work sorting the hundreds of magazines which were down in the lazarette and were filling every available space. There were fairly complete files of all the principle ones back to January, 1907 [as of June 1908], and as some one has said, ‘If the serial stories weren’t good, the cereal advertisements were,’ and so for that matter were the open-work yarns in the ladies’ journals.

p. 11: Five bookcase shelves were filled with photo material and ammunition; incidentally, books also.

p. 12, Sunday he studied navigation and photography.

p. 15: We all felt very Arctic indeed, and were deep in the very extensive library of books on northern exploration which we had on board.