Back to Hampton Roads: Cruise of the U.S. Atlantic Fleet from San Francisco to Hampton Roads July 7, 1908—February22, 1909.

p. 76-77: Before the Americans came here they knew little in a definite way about Australia. They got all the books they could find on

shipboard and read up about it, but even then the information was fragmentary, and it is well worth while to give some real information, even though it be elementary, about what they have learned in the few days they have been here.

p. 269: Ceylon’s myth of the fall: Adam and Eve were spending their honeymoon In the seventh heaven when that nasty snake came along and got Eve to eat the apple. They were both driven out and fell to the earth. Eve landed in Mecca and Adam hit the high places right on that mountain In Ceylon. Adam was terribly sorry for what he had done and he stood on one foot right on that mountain top for 200 years and wore a big mark in the rock. That was his penance. The story is that God became sorry for him after a time and let him off, and Adam sent for Eve and she came across the Indian Ocean In some way and they finished their honeymoon in Ceylon, and, as the books say, lived happily ever afterward. When they died their bodies were taken — don’t ask by whom — to Mecca, where their dust is now supposed to lie.

In Isaiah it says, " I will make the place of my feet glorious." Well, along about the fourth century a Gnostic announced that the Saviour had told the Virgin Mary that the mark on that Ceylon mountain was Adam’s footprint and Mohammed’s followers believed it, and hence there is no doubt about it. A patriarch of Alexandria once announced that it really was the footprint of the devil, but that cost him his job and he was fired out. Later some folks tried to make out that it was the footprint of Adam it remains duly authenticated for all time. What ailments the water it catches will cure you can guess.