Log book kept by Ross G. Marvin July 1905-Jan 1906, during Peary’s North Pole attempt. Marvin was an Assistant to Peary, and Henson was Peary’s Personal Assistant. Marvin also kept a personal diary from July 15 1905 to Sept. 12, 1905.

p. 59: During the evening I wrote an account of Matt’s recent trip also an account of his finding and securing the seven reindeer, three deer are to be given to the Museum of Natural History.

p. 67: The Coons are all engaged in sewing house straps for the dogs on the sledge trips. They had them nearly all finished but they had not made them the way Matt had told them about turning in at the seam and so he ripped them all out and made them sew them all over again.” Goes on to say Peary’s success with natives was making them feel at home with him.

p. 147: I have finally found a Coone who is making me a pair of sealskin mittens and about the last one on the ship that I would expect it of. Had a long visit with her this evening and showed her Kane’s book.