Congress and the North Pole; An Abstract of Arctic Legislation in the Congress of the United States.

p. 22ff, discussion on April 16, 1856, by Congressmen of Kane’s Narrative, Mr Tyson recommending the purchase of “fifteen thousand copies for the use of Congress.”

p. 23: Mr. Seward, of New York, submitted a substitute for the resolution, which was accepted by Mr. Bigler and read as follows: “Resolved, That the Committee on the Library be instructed to purchase, for the use of the Senate, ten thousand copies of Dr. Kane’s Narrative of his late Expedition to the Arctic regions, from Messrs. Childs & Peterson : Provided the price shall not exceed five dollars per copy.” In the end Congress did not want to authorize an unofficial publication and voted only that medals be struck for the officers and men.

p. 26-35 on the recovery of the Resolute.

p. 36-40 is on the Polaris expedition.