Carpenter on Erebus with James Ross Clark: character used by Peter Delpeut in the film Forbidden Quest

This bound, indexed volume contains the following documents: papers and correspondence dated c.1887-1903 relating the National Antarctic Expedition of the HMS Discovery (1901-1904) including a photograph of the ship; correspondence dated c.1842-1843 by J. Davies, J. Savage and C.J. Sullivan whilst on HMS Erebus and HMS Terror (1839-1843), including some poetry by Sullivan; and a lecture (original manuscript and typed transcript) given by J.D. Hooker on this expedition at the Royal Institution of South Wales, Swansea on 17 June 1846.

SPRI Mss. 367/22: see Polar Pioneers p. 228, 229, 231—calls him blacksmith aboard Erebus, first name Cornelius.