Secrets of Polar Travel.

A chapter on winter quarters describes lodges he built for wintering in Greenland.

p. 131-2, Red Cliff House 1891-93: …heavy blankets of bright red, adding warmth and color to the interior, were used to cover the walls and ceiling; bunks were built along the wall; and a few chairs and a table, a library, and our cooking-utensils, our house was ready for occupancy.

p. 134, in 1894-95, space arranged for three people: A closet for dishes and books and another for medicines was built on the east wall of the room. The walls and ceiling of the room were decorated with magazine pictures, which not only covered the cracks, but made the room brighter and more cheerful.

p. 153ff finds Peary critical of the house at Fort Conger and he used materials from it to build his own in 1900. Seldom is Peary not critical of Greely.

p. 158-9: I had a fairly complete arctic library in my cabin, and these books were borrowed one at a time by different members of the expedition. We also had a good collection of the best novels, which did much to wile away the long evenings, and a pianola…gave us all great pleasure.