Autobiographical manuscript in the AMNH [RB Collection. J-3]

p. 1: Perhaps the first awakening of my interest in these regions came from reading Nansen’s “Farthest North.”

p. 19, crossing Taymyr Peninsula: There is but a single record of a man crossing this vast waste. Then someone writes, “Who was it?”—[Kennan?]

p. 29A, on Snow Hill I stand, Nordenskjiold’s 1902-03 expedition: Inside in front of one of the windows was a table upon which lay an old-fashioned phonograph and a dozen or so cylindrical wax records. Tried these out on Wyatt Earp, but the tunes were terrible.

p. 33, fossils on Snow Hill: These were for the most part the fossilized versions of creatures that had lived in warm waters.