Correspondence, 1908-1912. AMNH Mss. B67

Folder 1: Long letter to his father from Peary expedition, an account of his experience starting Thurs, July 23 from Turnavik in 1908:

July 25: working on his navigation and photography books.

July 29, p. 3: We have a very extensive Arctic library on board and we are all deep into it.

Aug. 11, 08, p. 14: Etah: Dear Dad… Read in “Open Polar Seas” by Hayes, p. 404 the It’s somewhat like ours only our guns were effective

Aug. 15, p. 12: looking for Dr. Cook at Etah. Borup calls him an “S.O.B.”

Much of folder 1 involves materials and drafts for A Tenderfoot with Peary.

April 26, 1911. Folder 7. Letter from Peary to Senator Lodge, denying that any of his men would have introduced sexual diseases to the Inupiat men and women. Also has letter from Peary to Borup speaking of Shackleton’s plans, counseling Borup to say nothing about using natives in plans for Crocker Land Expedition.