The Krassin.

Russian ice-breaker involved in Nobile rescue in 1928. A romanticized and heavily pro-Soviet account.

p. 59: Off duty, the men were free to do as they pleased, and while some went to get a little extra sleep, many dropped into the saloon to browse through the 2,000 volume library, or pass the time away over a game of chess.

p. 64, reporters abroad the ship decided to publish a newspaper, The Ice Breaker , in fact a news sheet mounted on the saloon wall.

p. 67: The new man [a pilot] brought aboard a bundle of newspapers which we grabbed eagerly, partly to see the news, partly, I’m afraid, to read stories about ourselves. The newspaper Slavo had given us a story of several columns advising us not to go to Spitzbergen….

[Although the ship never rescued anyone, it is portrayed as the great hero of this story.]