A Winter Away from Home: William Barents and the North-East Passage.

A rather homey account of Berents 3rd voyage, its wintering in ice haven, and its eventual discovery. Last chapter on Berent’s successors is particularly well done.

p. 113: Others who had sufficient learning, gathered near the lamp to read the few books that Barents had brought with him—Medina on navigation, Mendoza’s History of China and the account of Pet and Jackman’s voyage. Or they would turn the pages of the exquisitely bound Chronicles of Holland, Zeeland and Friesland that would never now, as they had intended, be presented to the potentates of Cathay.” They also had a simple song book.

Barents referred to by Francis Bacon, Novum Organum Bk II p. 12 (1620). Twelfth Night also refers to him: You are now sailed into the north of my lady’s opinion, where you will hang like an icicle on a Dutchmen’s beard.