A Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean, and Round the World… Performed in the Years 1790, 1791, 1792, 1793, 1794 and 1795, in the Discovery Sloop of War, and Armed Tender Chatham.

Heald Sale Catalog of December 2017 lists this copy: "One of the most important [voyages] ever made in the interests of geographical knowledge" (Hill). This copy from the on-board library of the USS John Hancock during its mid-19th century exploration of the Pacific.”

Volume I:

p. xxviii, at end of introduction with final orders on disposition of logs and journals, etc.:… taking care, before you leave the sloop, to demand from the officers, and petty-officers, the log-books, journals, drawings, . they may have kept, and to seal them up for your inspection; and enjoining them, and the whole crew, not to divulge where they have been until them have permission so to do….

Volume II:

p. 459-60, when with a very apprehensive fellow traveler in the South Sea Islands: We were however soon alongside, and our friend was by no means reluctant to leave the boat; when on board the ship he soon recovered from his former apprehensions of danger, yet the absence of his books was still a matter of regret and vexation that he could not overcome; and unfortunately it was out of our power to offer him any consolation, as those we had on board were in a language he did not understand. His servants being aware of the uneasiness which the want of these religious comforts would occasion their master, came on board in the evening with the bible and prayer-book, without either of them having been wetted by the waters of the ocean, to preserve them against which had been an object of much care and attention.