This voyage was intended to confirm earlier knowledge of the Falklands in its path to Australia. It was too hurried to stop at the Falklands but it did find Easter Island before it reached New Ireland (Papua New Guinea) where Roggeveen’s journal ends, 18 July 1722.

p. 64, claims to have reached the latitude of 59 º 22 ꞌ , south of Staten Land on Jan. 10, 1722. A few days later they were below 60 degrees.

p. 72, along coast of Chile: Saw a multitude of cachalots and many seals, but no and, at which we were surprised, because according to the indications of some sea-charts, we had sailed more than a hundred miles over land, and according to other French charts, which place the main coast of Chile more to the east, are today by our position close to land.

p. 89-90, April 5 entry on discovery of Easter Island on Easter Day.