A Voyage Round the World by the Way of the Great South Sea, performed in the Years 1719, 20, 21, 22, in the Speedwell of London….

p. 14-15: But having read in Frezier’s Voyage of the Island of St. Catherines, on the coast of Brazil, in the Latitude of 27, 30. So. which according to his account, afforded every thing we stood in need of, even without any expense, or, at least, in exchange for salt, which is very valuable there; and this being confirmed to me by one of my Officers…it was indisputably advisable to put in there….

p. 71-72 describes their encounter with Antarctica at 61 deg. 30 min. South Latitude.

p. 73-74, is origin of the story of the superstitious killing of the albatross, by Steven Hatley. Says this became a very melancholy navigation ‘by ourselves without a companion,’ i.e. the shooting of the albatross.

p. 208, during a shipwreck they were only able to save some of their mathematical books and instruments.