The Observations of Sir Richard Hawkins, Knt in His Voyage into the South Sea in the Year 1598.

p. x-xi, quoting from North West Fox, or Fox from the North-west passage, London, 1635: And for books, if I wanted any I was to blame, being bountifully furnisht from the treasury with money to provide me, especially for those of study there would be no leisure, nor was there for I found work enough.

p. xi-xii, from the 1631 voyage of Luke Fox aboard the Charles, there is this article for civil government on Fox’s voyage: That all the whole company, as well officers as others, shall duly repaire every day twice, at the call of the bell, to hear publike prayers to be read (such as are authorized by the Church), and that in a godly and devout manner, as good Christians ought.

1669-71 British Voyage of Exploration to the South Sea (John Narborough aboard Sweepstakes)

Narborough’s voyage was intended to reach the Pacific but he only reached Port Galant in the Straits of Magellan before turning back in Oct. 1670.