Kalli, the Esquimaux Christian: A Memoir.

p.23: Some books and prints were placed in the hands of the youth, and he expressed the greatest delight in seeing views of ships in the ice, and the figure of an Esquimaux watching for a seal. After gazing for a few minutes at the latter, he uttered a cry of pleasure and said, ‘This one of my people!’ [p. 24 shows an engraving of a seal hunter. Among other places, Kalli was taken to the British Museum, the Crystal Palace (1851), the Horse Guard’s Stables, and finally enrolled at a missionary college in Canterbury, St. Augustine’s.]

p. 29—slow progress in reading, but Murray offered him books.

p. 31, Kalli reading daily passages of scripture. Baptized in 1853.

p. 41, Kaliharui had received a very handsome present in the shape of a beautifully bound Bible and Prayer Book, as a baptismal gift from the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge.

p. 45, in 1855 at Admiralty expense he was sent to St. John’s Newfoundland for further study under the Bishop of Newfoundland, but where he died, apparently of natural illness.