From Pole to Pole: The Life of Quintin Riley, 1905-1980.

Quinton Riley was the Quarter Master of the British Graham Land Expedition, and this biography includes one full chapter on his participation in the BGLE (p. 55-95). He is described as a good-natured but argumentative colleague, of firm religious convictions, and a valuable member of the expedition staff.

p. 72 prints a sketch by Quintin of his sleeping quarters and of his bunk, with a note that his book shelf is not shown.

p. 76: For relaxation most people were content with reading or listening to the BBC, which Meiklejohn could pick up on the 1500 metre band. Although many packs of cards had been taken, no-one ever played. Discussions and arguments on a wide variety of topics were fairly frequent; Quintin of course loved arguments and was prepared to be opinionated on almost any subject, fortified by many assumed prejudices. He would throw remarks around as a fisherman scatters around bait, waiting for some fish to rise up and snap. Once Quinton had hooked his fish he would play him with great enjoyment until the subject was exhausted. Moreover he had taken copies of Whitaker’s Almanac and Kennedy’s Latin Primer with him so as to be able to have the last word in any dispute.