Thoughts on Patrons.

Patrons, indeed! When scarce a sail

Is whiskt from England by the gale,

But bears on board some authors, shipt

For foreign shores, all well equipt

With proper book-making machinery

To sketch the morals, manners, scenery

Of all such lands as they shall see,

Or not see, as the case may be: –…

We authors now more prosperous elves,

Have learned to patronize ourselves;

And since all-potent Puffing ’s made

The life of song, the soul of trade,

More frugal of our praises grown,

We puff no merits but our own. …

He’s off—the puffers carry it hollow–

The critics, if they please, may follow.

Ere they’ve laid down their first positions,

He’s fairly blown thro’ six editions! (1828?)