A Book of Book Lists.

p. 63-66, Scott’s Discovery Library, 1901. A listing of the major polar titles from the Catalogue of the Discovery, from Scott’s first expedition, together with brief commentary, plus a list of books present on his cabin shelves aboard Endurance(1914-17).;

p. 71-73, “Nerd: the United States Navy’s E-Reader,” a reader of 300 titles especially designed for submariners: Commerciallly available e-readers are not suitable for the submarines of the United States Navy because of various security and technological issues. But sailors like to read and there is limited storage book books, so the solution is the Navy e-Reader Device—known rather unfortunately as the NeRD—produced in conjunction with audiobook technology specialists Findaway.

Each submarine has five NeRDs, produced at a cost of$3,000 each…. Every NeRD can hold around 300 books but has no internet capability, no camera and no removable storage.

p.75, “US Light House Establishment Library Box 141: Lighthouse keepers and their families in the 19th century needed something to combat the boredom of these isolated working and living conditions. These were sturdy wooden cases that contained up to sixty books and magazines on several shelves and were passed between lighthouses around the United States. [cf. ASFS]