Private e-mail from cruise ship Spirit of Enderby,February 3, 2018, sailing in Antarctic Ocean toward Campbell Islands.

Hicks, a lecturer for the cruise ship, reports the following titles in the ship’s library. Here is some information on the ship’s library:

There are about 100 titles in all. Subjects range widely from common Antarctic history to New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Island history to books specializing in Antarctic sea birds, albatross, petrels, prions etc. and mammals – seals, sea lions, whales, orca, etc. Some passengers are into history while others are into birds – with cameras 2 feet long and firing like machine guns.

There is no fiction in the library except what has been left by passengers during their trips – unless one classifies Huntford as fiction.

The historical covers early expeditions (d’Urville, Edward Duyker), a couple of Byrd titles, lots of heroic age material.

Some titles include:

South by Amundsen

South by Shackleton

Shackleton by Fisher&Fisher

Most of Huntford’s work

Biographies of Crean, Worseley

Home of the Blizzard, Mawson

Heart of the Antarctic, ShackletonH

Antarctica – Reader’s Digest 1985

Worst Journey in the World, Cherry-Garrard

Endurance, Lansing

The Enderby Settlement, Conan Fraser (very good)

Plants & Vegetation of the NZ Southern Islands, Given

Antarctic Dictionary, Hince

ANARE, Law & Bechervaise

Antarctic Encyclopedia

Mountaineering in Antarctica,Gildea

Crossing of Antarctica, Lewis-Jones