The Two Voyages of the ‘Pandora’ in 1875 and 1876.

Mr De Wilde was the artist (hydrographic sketches) and J. A Macgahan the correspondent. Young was commander who earlier was the sailing master on McClintock’s Fox in 1857-59, and wrote the article in Cornhill #1 on the Fox, republished in 1875. By this time, Young was in the Naval Reserve, though this was not a Royal Navy mission. He himself paid for it with the help of Lady Franklin and James Gordon Bennett. Left on June 25 with two bags of letters for Alert and Discovery.

p. 6: On the 27th [July 1875], boarded the ‘Traveller,’ of Peterhead, and obtained newspapers…. The next morning we saw the first Spitzbergen ice” [off Southern Greenland, near Ivigtut and Arsuk Fjord]. Visited some cryolite mines of the Royal Danish Greenland Company.

They proceded up the west coast by Holsteinborg, Frederickshaab, Disko, Upernavik, Melville Bay, and then Lancaster Sound and Barrow Strait (including Beechey Island).

p. 35: illus. of “Fantastic Appearance of the Pack” similar if not the same as an illustration to one in Januarius Macgahan’s book, Under the Northern Lights (1876).

Chap. VIII—Beechey Island:

p. 43: We attempted to take photographs, and occasionally stopped the ship, but our artist desponded in consequence of the slight movement of the waters…. He succeeded, however, in getting one or two of the magnificent headlands, as we stopped for the purpose immediately under them.

p. 46: Our artist was busily employed all day in taking photographs of every object of interest….

Opp. p. 54, photograph of “The Barrier across Peel Sound.” Here the barrier discourages Young and he decides to turn around—devotes next chapter to his race with the ice.

p. 71, Sept. 10 on Cary Island where they find some Nares records: we had the satisfaction of bringing home news of the Government ships, which would be most welcome to the public and to the friends of all the members of the expedition. (See Young’s footnote about the Nares expedition.)

p. 79, return on Oct. 16 to Spithead and end of voyage after rough passage.

p. 81ff, “Second Voyage of the ‘Pandora’ sailed at at Admiralty request 1876, out of some concern about the safety of the Nares expedition. Gives full list on p. 86 of new crew (33) with W. Grant, now serving as photographer.

p. 85, “Fitting Out”: The hydrographic and all scientific instruments were placed in the chart-room below, and the chronometers in a small recess outside Lieutenant Pirie’s cabin. The library was placed in charge of the Doctor [A.C. Horner, Surgeon and naturalist], and was arranged on shelves below, excepting such books as were in immediate use, and which were kept in the mess-room on deck.