A Selection of Papers on Arctic Geography and Ethnology/ Reprinted, and Presented to The Arctic Expedition of 1875….

Prior to the 1875 British Arctic Expedition to Greenland led by Nares, the RGS reissued articles published in its own Journal and Proceedings "for the use of the expedition". (Preface). Contents include: (1). On the Physical Structure of Greenland, by Robert Brown. (2). On the Best Means of Reaching the Pole, by Admiral Baron Von Wrangell. (3). On the Discoveries of Dr. Kane, U.S.A. (1853-55). by Dr. Rink. (4). The Arctic Current around Greenland, by Admiral C. Irminger. (5). Notes on the State of the Ice, and on the Indications of Open Water from Behring Strait to Bellot Strait, along the Coasts of the Arctic America and Siberia, including the Accounts of Anjou and Wrangell. by Vice-Admiral R. Collinson. – Ethnology – (1). Papers on the Greenland Eskimos. by Clements R. Markham. (2). On the Descent of the Eskimo. By Dr. Rink. (3). The Western Eskimo. by Dr. Simpson. (4). Report on the Anthropological Institute. Questions for Arctic Explorers.

p. 251, from John Simpson’s paper on the Western Eskimo: In point of intelligence, some exhibit considerable capacity, and in general they are observant and shrewd. As a people, they are very communicative, those of most consideration being generally most silent; and wisdom is commonly imputed to those who talk least. They possess great curiosity, and are chiefly attracted by whatever might be useful to themselves. …They soon began to appreciate prints and drawings, and latterly often borrowed books of plates to amuse them at home, always taking great care of them and returning them in good order.