A Summer Search for Sir John Franklin, with a Peep into the Polar Basin.

This expedition took place in the summer of 1852, sponsored by Lady Franklin.

p. 3: My bunk, or sleeping berth, was on the starboard side…; and certain convenient book shelves and lockers were fitted in all the corners and angles, which none but those accustomed to a seafaring life could have so ingeniously appropriated.

p. 6: On Sunday the 18th [July], I gave out to the people the Bibles and Prayer Books, which had been generously supplied by the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge. Divine service was performed in the forenoon, and it was most satisfactory to see the attention of all the crew to this important duty.

p. 6-7: 25th.—Being Sunday, the crew were mustered, the lower deck inspected, and divine service performed, after which I read to the men one of those excellent discourses written for the use of seamen by the Rev. Samuel Maddock.

p. 24-25, ashore in Disco: After the hymn, a chapter of the bible was read in the Esquimaux language, and then a prayer, extempore, but full of that fervour and earnest devotion which made me look with more reverence at the ungainly native who was thus leading the hearts of his fellows to the mercy seat of Heaven.

p. 111, during a tempest in the Davis Strait: … whose velocity was something greater than our own—perhaps because its swelling sides had for a time almost becalmed our sails—came tumbling on board, washing the poor helmsman almost overboard, and drenching the deck fore and aft with a sea that swashed about, owing to the want of proper scuppers, until it had leeked through the deck into the cabin below, much to my continual discomfort, and to the no small detriment of my books and charts.