Arctic Regions, Voyage to Davis’ Strait.

Claimed to be the only fishing ship to winter over with crew on board, in company with another ship which was wrecked. Nothing found on reading but an unusual early adventure.

p. vii: So many books have been published in the course of the last forty or fifty years, containing descriptions of almost every part of the globe, that I am fully persuaded I should be introducing nothing novel or useful by increasing this little work with an account of Islands and places in the Arctic Regions; the reader will…but merely [find] a narrative of the various perils with which we were constantly surrounded more than eight months, while beset in the ice in the Frozen Ocean, and the different facts and circumstances connected with the voyage.

p. 69 described water becoming “crystal pavement, by the breath of Heaven, cemented firm.”

p. 70: 12th. Weather very dull; no reading a book below any part of the day, without a light.