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McClintock Notes : [Murray 12604 1736] McClintock to Murray, generally showing McClintock’s involvement in every detail of the publication of his work.

Nov. 23, 1859: receipt for 1,000 guineas, 2/3rds of the profits.
Nov. 25, 1859: corrected dedication enclosed, with conclusion to follow. Appendix alluded to as was Prof. Houghton’s map.
Nov. 29, 1859, corrected dedication omits Osborne’s name since he objects to being named. McClintock is annoyed with Osborne.
Dec. 22, 1859, thanks for 15 copies of Narrative. Copy sent to Prince Consort. Inquires about new edition, and gives list of complementary copies (7).
26 Dec 1859, got his royal highness’s permission to send a copy of McClintock’s book, and asks Murray to do so at once.
Jan 28, 1860, about corrections for reprint. Put in thread where they occur. Lists changes, mainly in maps. Adds subscribers (commercial firm provided baking powder, another provided flags).
Feb. 2, 1860, about additions for a reprint.
Feb. 3, 1860: Insert on physical geography of sea drift.
Feb. 7, 1860, notes that Professor Houghton writes to say that the Geological Society of Dublin, of which he is president, will reprint the Geol. Appendix in the Journal “with a preliminary statement that it was published in the appendix of my Voyage.” He seeks Murray’s permission. McClintock wants the maps enlarged. Refers to the debate over whether he discovered Franklin’s fate of whether he had only confirmed Rae’s discovery. He writes from Dundalk, about to return to Dublin.
Dec. 13, 1860: I find the way to get a book into the ships’ libraries of the Navy, is to write a letter to the secretary suggesting it. In the case of [Sherard] Osborn’s “Quedah” they took 360 copies. Asks if he should propose something? At what price? Fears that 16’/ will be too much. [This would be shortly after publication of McClintock’s The Voyage of the Fox…]
Jan 4, 1861—thanks Murray for check for £1254/10
8 Feb. 1861— Corrections to contents of medical chest appearing as a list of relics.
Feb. 11, 1861?—thanks for annual letter of £93/6/5 paid to Royal Bank of Ireland. Says that the books of Hayes and Forell will make him content if they “keep alive the taste for Arctic Reading.”
See also 27 Feb 61; 8 Dec 63; 9 and 13 Dec 1864
Sept. 17, 1868: Hall’s voyage may cause revived interest so it may be time for a new edition. 53 copies remain. German and Swedish expeditions will also revive interest in the subject.
May 24, 1869, likes West’s woodcuts. Wants shading on maps to be revised to distinguish between land and sea.
Sept. 30, 1869, refers to a rumour that a Franklin record had drifted to California—McClintock regards it as a cruel hoax.
Nov. 1, 1874, discussion of price which at 5’/ McClintock considers too low.
May 3, 1875, complains that people at Portsmouth have been unable to find the Fox there. Booksellers think it is out of print. Refers to Lady McClintock.
June 4, 1881, from Halifax, N.S. to Murray, about ms of supplementary chapter for Voyage of the Fox. Says Clements Markham will contribute a small map, the one from the Proceedings of the Geographical Society, designed for Schwatka’s expedition. Also has more about the 5th ed. of McClintock’s Narrative.
Oct. 18, 1889: acknowledges check for £11/16. Criticizes new shameful book by Mr. Skewes (?) who believes in spiritualism & spirit revelation. It could not be published in Lady Franklin’s lifetime, because scandalous and blasphemous.
Aug. 15 1893: check of £11.50 for Voyage.
Nov. 10, 1900: Thanks Murray for check for Voyage of the Fox—“its vitality is very refreshing”

Parry Notes : MS42688 414 Parr

25 April 1821, notes purchase of copyright for A Voyage of the Discovery of a Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific for £1050.
March 24, 1824, Copyright agreement between Parry and Murray on Second Voyage of Discover at £1250.

Porden Notes : Acc 12604/80. First wife of Franklin, and a published poet. April 17, 1818, Eleanor Porden’s father is writing Murray concerning publication of The Veils, or The Triumph of Constancy:…whether you were serious in recommending a Revision of “The Arctic Expedition” or what you said was matter of compliment only.

Dec. 10, 1821, Eleanor Porden to Murray: Your clerk, in making out my account has overlooked the “Arctic Expedition”—as trifling as it was, I should like to know its fate, and to have a dozen copies if convenient.