The Life of Sir Martin Frobisher.

p. 37-8: Expense inventory of Frobisher’s first voyage in 1576 include:

book of cosmographie in French

a great globe of metal in blank

a great carte of navigation

a great mappe universal of Mercator in prente

three other small mappes prented

an English Bible greate volume a New World of Andreas Thevett, Englishe and French…”

p. 37: There was not much reading-matter taken, and we may conclude the captain himself did not get far in the ‘book of cosmographie in French.’

p. 41, on provisioning of young seamen: The boys would have no silver whistle, of course, nor any weapons beyond a jack-knife and a poniard, but they certainly had a Prayer Book and a Testament. It was not the custom to sail on a foreign voyage without them, and to reach a heathen land without such consolation was unthinkable.