The Third Voyage of Martin Frobisher to Baffin Island 1578

p. 69: the provisional list of supplies included the following:

Bibles 3 –

Bookes of comon prayer iii –

Psalm bookes 24 –

Catechismes 24 –

Paper writing I reame –

Partchement I Roole

p. 208, in George Best’s True Discourse: In articles and orders to be observed for the Fleete as given by Frobisher: In primus, to banishe swearing, dice, and card playing, and filthy communication, and to serve God twice a day, with the ordinarie service, usuall in Churches of England, and to cleare the glasse, according to the old order of England. Watchword was “Before the world was God” and “After God came Christ his Sonne.”

p. 213, [The tradition of evangelical Protestant fundamentalism starts early in the history of exploration. Best speaks of a particularly difficult storm with the threat of ice with ships heaved up between islands of ice]: And amidst these extremes, whilest some laboured for defense of the Shippes, and fought to save their bodyes: othersome of the more milder spirit, sought to save the Soule by devoute Prayer and mediation to the Almightie, thinking indeede by no other meanes possible, than by a divine Miracle, to have their deliverance….

p. 214: –there were never men more daungerously distressed, nor more mercifully by Gods Providence delivered. [See also p. 222.]

p.234: Maister Wolfall [the fleet chaplain] on Winter’s Fornace preached a godly Sermon, whiche being ended, he celebrated also a Communion upon the lande, at the pertaking whereof, was the Capitaine of the Anne Fraunces, and manye other Gentlemen & soldiers, Marriners, & Miners with hym. The celebration of divine mistery was the first signe, seale, & confirmation of Christes name death & passion ever knowen in all these quarters .