The Three Voyages of Martin Frobisher, in Search of a Passage to Cathaia and India by the North-West, A.D. 1576-78.

p. ix-xi: Bill for Maps and Nautical Instruments (selected purchases for Frobisher’s First Voyage):

Book of cosmographie in French of Andreas Thevet
Numerous brass instruments
A very great carte of navigation
For a great mappe universall of Mercator
For three other small mappes prented
For 6 cartes of navigation written in blacke parchment
For a Bible Englishe great volume
For a new World of Andreas Thevett Englishe & French
For a Regiment of Modena (Spanishe)
For Sir John Mandevylle (Englishe)

p. 88, after speaking of his great masters: And of late by God’s good providence renuyng myne old acquayntance with Martyn Frobisher gentleman; and fynding him sufficient and ready to execute the attemp[t] of so great matters, I ioyned with him, and to my power advanced him to the world with credit and above myne own power for my parte furnisshed him with things necessary for his fust voyage….