The Maracop Deep

p. 68: …I have not spoken of the object of this voyage because I have, for my own reasons, desired it to be secret. One of those reasons was that I feared to be forestalled. When scientific plans get about one may be served as Scott was served by Amundsen. Had Scott kept his counsel as I have done, it would be he and Amundsen who would have been the first at the South Pole. For my part, I have quite as important a destination as the South Pole, and so I have been silent. But now we are on the eve of our great adventure and no rival has time to steal my plans. To-morrow we start for our real goal.

“And what is that?” I asked.

He leaned forward, his ascetic face all lit up with the enthusiasm of the fanatic. “Our goal,” said he, “is the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.” And right here I ought to stop, for I expect it has taken away your breath as it did mine.