Benjamin Leigh Smith: a forgotten pioneer.

Smith lived from 1783 to 1913 and took five important Arctic voyages to Novaya Zemblya, Svalbard, and Franz Josef Land. The last, in Eira, sank in August 1881 near Mys Barentsia in Franz Josef Land.

p. 139, on the ice: Most of the men had very little to do, but boredom was alleviated by playing cards, telling stories, and reading aloud from the handful of books they had. A number of music instruments, and a musical box, also helped to pass the time. Religious devotions were not forgotten.

The party killed 34 polar bears and 24 walrus so nutrition was not a problem. A relief expedition was organized, with the Willem Barents and a whaler named Hope, setting out in 1881 and in July they found the Leigh Smith party, with no lives lost.