On the “Polar Star” in the Arctic Sea.

Volume. I.

p. 34: Besides the instruments, we also had a collection of books on the Arctic regions, and other scientific works.

p. 160, on their polar night: … with the help of the observations of other explorers which we collected from the books we had brought with us to draw up the plan of the expedition towards the Pole.

The time passed over quickly. As for me, I had set out with a well-stocked library, thinking that I should have much leisure for reading, as there would be no other occupation, but I ended by reading very little.

p. 166, picture of Dr. Cavalli in the tent, reading.

Volume II:

Consists of “The Statements of Commander U. Cagni upon the Sledge Expedition to 86º 34’ North, and of Dr. A. Cavalli Molinelli upon his Return to the Bay of Teplitz. There is a reference on p. 684 to “the little room for study, round which are four cabins for the Italian officers…”, but I found nothing that indicates that anyone read anything much on this trip. It is a very lackluster account.