Farther North than Nansen. Being the voyage of the Polar Star.

Abruzzi’s expedition divides neatly into the two parts described in these volumes. The first volume deals with the sea voyage of the Polar Star, the second with Umberto Cagni’s sledging journey toward the North Pole. Much of the second volume is by Cagni who had taken over command because of Abruzzi’s injuries.

p. 26, provisioning for their sledge journey included calculation books and paper.

p. 31: Sunday was given up to complete rest for the crew, and the usual Sunday prayers. [p. 71 also notes the routine nature of Sunday prayers.]

p. 38-39, following some preliminary sledge journeys: We had learnt more during these marches than during all the winter; among the rest, things which neither books, nor the advice of preceding Polar travelers could have taught us. And while our slight frost-bites were healing in the delicious warmth of our big tent, we entered gaily and energetically into the preparations for our next start.

p. 93: The observations made at Cape Flora on our coming up north, owing to the good working of the chronometers, during the short passage from Archangel to Prince Rudolph Island, enable us to gain an almost exact knowledge of the longitude of Flora Cape. I have re ad in books and newspapers something about an error of 10′ discovered by us in the longitude of Flora Cape, as given by the Jackson expedition. As this longitude referred to has never been published, I do not understand how such a rumour should have got abroad.