This is the diary apparently doctored by Harold Noice with long sections missing and some lines erased, some having to do with Ada Blackjack (cf. p. 15, Jan 14): I am sure she is the most stubborn creature I have ever known. [That comment follows 3 erased lines.]

Feb 4, 1923, Knight suffering and alone with Ada Blackjack: Some times I think I have scurvy and again I am in doubt. An old Cyclopedia that we have says that some of the symptoms of scurvy are – Scanty urine, which is not the case with me. Weak pulse, and mine seems to be O.K., a very bad breath, but my breath is only as bad as decayed teeth would make it. More symptoms according to the Cyclopedia are….

[In another account of scurvy symptoms, apparently written by Knight, he says: We have with us a set called ‘Spoffard’s New Cabinet Cyclopaedia’ published by the Gebbie Pub. Co. Phila., 1900. The set contains a short article on scurvy and from this article I shall work in narrating my own symptoms.]

Feb 11: Fortunately, I am able to read and sleep as tho there was nothing the matter with me, but I would a great deal rather be up and about.

Feb 12: My face is nearly colorless and the whites of my eyes are slightly bloodshot. But, thank fortune, I still feel like reading and pass away my time at that, and sleeping, which I still do wonderfully well.

March 3: troubled last night by severe pains in my back. Felt like neuralgia. Reading and lying on my back day-dreaming about ‘outside’ to kill time, which goes rather slowly. It is bad enough to be laid up ‘outside’ where one has newspapers, good food, a comfortable clean bed and someone to talk to, but I just lay here in my dirty, hairy sleeping bag and read books again; for the fourth or fifth time. As a conversationalist, the woman is the bunk.

March 9: Oh yes, my eyes are starting to water a little, especially when I try to read or write.

[There are pages from the earlier part of the Diary that had been removed but returned to Knight’s father by Noice. These include]:

Oct. 7 1921: The woman asked Crawford for a religious book yesterday and I gave her my Grandfather’s ‘Prayer Book’. We pointed out several passages in the book to her showing that everybody should be kind and work faithfully, and now she kind and faithful and sews continually. [Is this the book she said was a Bible given to her by Knight?] The additional pages often have to do with the men’s relationship to Ada including their forcible ways of getting her to do things.

Oct. 9 1921: Sunday It is snowing and there is not a great deal to do so all hands are taking it easy today. Mostly reading. Some large ice on the horizon to the South.