Vihjalmur Stefansson, Robert Bartlett, and the Karluk Disaster: A Reassessment.

p. 12: Several of the ship’s company would later recall that Stefansson had been reading about the Jeannetteexpedition just before he left [the Karlak], and they speculated that fear had driven him away.

p.22, Cavell’s conclusion: Neither the partisan accounts of Hunt and Niven nor the more balanced analyses by Diubaldo and Jenness consider the possibility that both men may have been deeply at fault. But the evidence brought forward in this article strongly suggests that in spite of their differences they colluded to take the Karlukon a course for which it was entirely unsuitable and with which neither their government sponsors nor most of the men under their command would have agreed. Stefansson’s underhandedness makes him the less attractive figure of the two, but that Bartlett shared in the responsibility for the deaths of eleven men cannot be denied.