Dartmouth College Archives. Mss. 98

Box 5: Diary, April 27, 1914 (Canadian Arctic Expedition); folder 2 has inventory of all equipment and supplies that includes “Stork’s books 10 lbs.”

Box 9, folder 22: Wrangel Island Expedition. Milton Galle’s (who died in the expedition) Diary, July-September 1923 in typescript copy:

July 23 – “The Color Line,” William B. Smith, McClure Phillips & Co., $1.50. An odd entry but it appears as if that is a book he had in hand that day. It could either be the day he started reading the book or the day he finished. [The original of this entry is in the next folder (9. 23) and looks like #150 rather than $1.50. Did seem odd for him to give the price—he doesn’t in the other entries—but raises the question of number 150 of what?]

July 28 – An Agnostic’s Apology, John Smith, Dublin. Breeze slight, W., 6.30 A.M.

Aug. 6 “. C shot 1 fox early in the day before we got up. I start #XXHC Read “Happy Boy” by Bjornson, Pepita Jimenez,” Vargas, “Skipper Worse,” by Keller. Sleep about 7 A.M.” Sept. 7 – a list of authors and books: Dr. Kane, McClintock, Nansen, Amundsen, Grace Miller White. Nordenskiold. The Great White North. The Voyage of the Fox.

Sept. 15 – Wind strong early in morning, could not see out to ice at 3 A.M. I copy diary into loose leaf with Corona.