Hudson’s Bay Copy Booke of Letters Commissions Instructions Outward 1688-1696.

This is a miscellaneous collection of letters of the HBC on the early history of the Company and its early tribulations.

p. 38, June 18, 1688, Instructions to Capt. John Marsh on embarking for Churchill: In the First place upon your arriveall, Wee Recommend unto you the Care of the Service and honour of God, that the Common prayer with some part of the Holy Bible bee Dayly read with the Homilyes at least every Lords day and that you punish all Dissolute & prophane psons.

p. 195, June 17, 1693: We have sent you all manner of Seeds for a garden wch. we Doubt not but you will Improve now you see the conveniency of Rootes and Gardening herbs with a book giving the best directions how to use them….

p. 208, June 17, 1693: …we have sent you Hemp & flax seed with all sorts of Garden seeds & all sorts of Graine with directions how to sow & Cultivate them in a printed Booke….

p. 211, June 17, 1693: We have sent you all manner of Gravine & garden seeds wch. pray improve to the uttmost wee are sencible they will all come to pfection there, for your directions we have sent you a Booke & we Know that the maine business Lyes in the Head officers in keeping them to the dayly worke & Encouraging them by theire Example & when things are once brought to a Custome it goes on easily & we Know you cannot butt apprehend the Comodiousness of such Rootes & Hearbs to a Factory where soe much salt victualls are Eaten

p. 239, May 30, 1694: We have sent a surgeon to Remaine at Yorke Fort in stead of Petr. Blomart whome we order you to ship as surgeon upon the Hudsons Bay Frigtt. Homeward bound, the Compa. haveing their owne Chest of Medicines aboard sd. ship & beshure you doe not permitt said Blomart to take any Medicines or Phisicke Bookes out of the Factory, but that they remaine there according to the first Intent (viz.) for the Factory’s use.