Ice Pilot: Bob Bartlett.

A juvenile audience intended here, but a good overview and a few things wrong.

p. 87-88, gives timeline of Peary’s 1909 Polar trip: Feb. 28: Bartlett leaves with Keshungwah and Karko to break trail for Peary. Poadloona behind with another sled; March 14: Dr. Goodsell party returns; March 15: Macmillan returns; March 26: Marvin sent back with two Eskimos, Kudlooktoo and Harrigan (who killed Marvin); March 27: Bartlett fell in crevasse but rescued by his Eskimos; April 1: Bartlett returns; April 6: Peary claims Pole with Henson and four natives; April 8: begin return, with arrival two weeks later at Camp Columbia. Erroneously gives an account of Bartlett’s disappointment at not going to the Pole.

p. 110, on Bartlett’s reading when stuck in NYC after the Pole trip: To Bob Bartlett, the main branch of the New York Public Library, the one with the white lions facing Fifth Avenue, became a literal paradise. Avidly, indeed hungrily, he hauled bundles of books back to his room at the hotel and devoured them. Some, like Richard Dana’s Two Years before theMast, and Melville’s Moby Dick, the stranded sealing ship captain reread a dozen times. He also began to educate himself in the nebulous art of writing a book….