Arctic Smoke and Mirrors.

A detective story with a human rights impact. Inuit politicians are revealed as manipulators of history and people. This book should cause reporters and concerned citizens alike to think again not just about Inuit relocations but about the dangers of herd journalism and revisionism that ignores historical context. (ABEBOOKS).

Kenney mounts his case against the Inuit testimony of coercion in the relocation of families from Hudson Bay to the high Arctic in 1953. He bases his case solely on written evidence, ignoring all oral testimony other than that of whites who professed altruistic motives of concern for the native people. Should be read in connection with the government reports of the 1990s, contrary accounts by a number of people, and the literature of a similar case of compulsory relocation at Thule, Greenland (see Per Wals√łe, Goodbye Thule: The Compulsory Relocation of 1953. Copenhagen: Tidener Skifter, 2003.