Newfoundland Discovered: English Attempts at Colonisation, 1610-1630.

Diverse and interesting materials on colonizing Newfoundland.

p. 235, gives a good summary for of motivations for the colony: the Christian religion propagates, his Majesties Dominions enlarged, his Customes and Revenues augmented, numbers of people relieved, the private Adventurers enriched, the commodities of the Kingdom vested, and great wealth in a short time returned. [From A Short Discourse of the New-Found-Land(Dublin 1623).]

p. 65-7, 26 August 1611: “An Inventory of the Provisions Left with the Settlers at Cupids Cove” [from ms. At Nottingham Univ. Library]. Included in a long list of food, clothing and equipment is “Item one bible & one booke of the generall practice of phisick.”