Smith Sound and its Exploration.

p. 335, John Barrow: the English geographer, who credited only those discoveries that were made by officers of the Royal Navy.

p.337, North Baffin Strait and the Bylot-Baffin survey: gave by far a more correct representation of the northern outlets of Baffin Strait than the chart of Ross, which was magnificently engraved on copper in artistic style, but which owes many of its

most interesting details to mere imagination…. [Bessells goes on to tell stories of various expeditions: Ross, Parry, Inglefield, Kane (see Rink, JRGS 28 re Kane)].

p. 347, on the retreat from the abandoned Advance: The more bulk apparatus, as well as the library, had to be left behind. Only the log of the vessel and the various documents of the expedition could be given a place on the boats. (June 1855).

A review of Bessell’s work appears in Science III No. 68 (May 23, 1884) 622-3.