Under the Ocean to the South Pole; or, The Strange Cruise of the Submarine Porpoise.

This is a sequel to Through the Air to the North Pole, in which some boys reached the North Pole but fought some savage Eskimos. Professor Henderson, probably modeled on Peary [who incidentally called himself Professor in Snowfolk], has a black companion named Washington White, probably modeled on Henson: “The Negro, who was a genius in his own way, though somewhat inclined to use big words, of the meaning of which he knew little and cared less” (p. 5). The novel posits land and an open sea at the SP, says he had read all the explorer accounts (p. 11). Professor Henderson is the Mate and the inventor of the ship (cf. Roosevelt). The ship after many adventures makes it to the SP amidst a sea of boiling water. Next adventure promised is a balloon to the center of the earth.

Chap. XV: The strange shipwreck—somewhere below the equator they find an immense hole with water of the ocean pouring over the edge—someone suggests it may lead to the center of the earth.

p. 134+: attacked by savages in Tierra del Fuego. Have other adventures with volcanic islands, whirlpools, icebergs, sea monsters, and giant suckers.

p. 203—seeking open polar sea, again on 229.

p. 219: they emerge on land under the ice of tropical quality, grass and trees, all under water.

p. 235: find open sea & a very heated vessel in a “boiling hot ocean.”

p. 241: ship reaches the South Pole, and as they headed north it began to cool.