Deep Freeze I and Deep Freeze II, 1955-1957: A Memoir.

McCormick was a Seabee who worked on projects at both McMurdo and South Pole.

p. 33: There was a library [at McMurdo] arranged much like a den at home with sofas, stuffed chairs and end tables with lamps. There was a limited selection of reading material and a high fidelity record player, high tech stuff at the time, with a limited, but varied selection of music. It was quiet, peaceful, and a good place to relax and get away from the usual hubbub and more exuberant activity in the mess-hall or berthing huts.

p. 37: A daily one page newspaper entitled AiropFacts, the name was later changed to The Antarctic Bulletin when it went weekly, was published by the administrative department. It contained limited news and sports scores gleaned from wire services via the teletype machines, weather reports from other bases on the Ice, the menu, upcoming movies etc. I still have most of those publications.