No Latitude for Error.

Re Trans Antarctic Expedition of 1956-57, with Vivian Fuchs. Unlike their joint book, Hillary’s at least shows some interior pictures with shelves of books, incl. one opposite p. 97 with one title legible, Into China.

p. 65, and p. 90, both deal with custom of divine service: a permanent feature at midday of each Sunday.

p. 94-95—while searching for the hut Wilson’s party used on the Worst Journey…: Mulgrew and I sat on our sleeping-bags brewing up a cup of tea and argued furiously as to where the hut must be. We produced our paperback copy of Cherry-Garrard’s account The Worst Journey in the World and read through line by line the chapter dealing with the establishment of their hut. We soon became convinced that the map in the book did not coincide with the description and that we had in fact been looking in the wrong place…. It was the hut all right—four rock walls half-filled with snow and ice, and the sledge peeping over the top with its wood polished white by forty-five years of this rigorous climate.

Opp. p. 97: picture of Hillary with bookcases in background.

p. 106-08, the schedule of weekly lectures by members of the party, followed by an outline of a more formal course in Navigation.

Opp. p. 116, picture of “mess-room with library, gramophone and all the other amenities of life”; also shows a sleeping cubicle with bookshelves.