A Time to Speak: An Autobiography.

A comprehensive story of his life with concentration on his Falklands (FIDS) experience, and the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1955-58. He is very judicious in describing his relations with Hillary on the later, but a certain animosity comes through.

p. 206, on a sledging journey: By now our two books had been read and re-read, but Adie was not to be defeated. I was suddenly astounded to find myself listening to him expounding the virtues of a branch of sausages. With care and proper attention to proper emphasis he was reading aloud the label on the tin—every stop and comma. Next it was pea flour, then the tin of peaches we were keeping for Christmas Day. To such is one reduced when, during months of isolated travel, everything has been said, and each man knows every detail of the other’s life and the nooks and cranies of his home.

p. 237, for Midwinter Day celebration: They had each made each other presents, and Peter Jeffries, who was never seen without a book, received a book-marker inscribed, ‘Here you were interrupted….’